Welcome to labdrivers’ documentation!

labdrivers is a Python module containing a collection of drivers for common research lab instruments.

It contains a suite of instrument-specific drivers which can be used to interface measurement hardware with Python code, along with a set of Jupyter notebooks demonstrating example use cases. The drivers within the project are intended to be used ‘manually’, either in python scripts or in Jupyter notebooks.

Labdrivers is not a measurement framework with a GUI; if that’s what you’re looking for then you might want to check out one of the projects listed at https://github.com/pyinstruments/pyinstruments.

Organization of the project

Drivers within the project are organized by instrument brand. Each instrument manufacturer has its own submodule under the labdrivers namespace, and each individual instrument driver is in a file named after the class which implements the driver.

Currently labdrivers contains drivers for the following instruments:

|-- keithley
    `-- keithley2400.py
|-- lakeshore
    `-- ls332.py
|-- ni
    `-- nidaq.py
|-- oxford
    |-- itc503.py
    |-- ips120.py
    |-- mercuryips.py
    `-- triton200.py
|-- quantumdesign
    `-- qdinstrument.py
|-- srs
    `-- sr830.py

So for example, to load the driver for a Keithley 2400 SMU:

from labdrivers.keithley import keithley2400